Take an online course, yes or no?

Learning by yourself is not easy; especially when nobody is pushing you, making you accountable, feeling uncomfortable if you don’t show up for class, lining up with the other students, being regimented, and being graded as in the traditional school environment. Learning from a website sounds like a dream come true. However, before you decide, which website will be the lucky one to teach you, first you need to understand how difficult it is to learn by yourself.
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Let us take the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) websites Coursera, Edx.gov, and Udacity.com. They all have large collections of online courses. They all thought they were going to change the world of education. But, none of them ever reached the goal they were created achieve. That goal being was that they were supposed to help people who could not afford college tuition or go to a university by giving them access to college level courses online free. To say the least these programs were a dismal failure.

In the year, 2013 researchers studied the results in an attempt to find out what went wrong. Their findings were illuminating and here is a list of the most significant insights they gleaned from students studying online.

As you can see, 85% of the people who took the courses were the ones with prior academic experience, because they already knew how to be self-learners and had the basic technological background to make use of the Internet and computers. The final nail in a coffin, however, was that 92% of the people who enrolled in the online courses never finished them. Less than 8% finished what they started.

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discipline is the keyword

The study showed you need to be self-motivated and disciplined to learn by yourself. You need to bui isld learning schedule and sticking to it to completion. For the record, it is important to say that it is still not clear what an online course certificate is worth in the real world. Can people show it proudly at a job interview like they do with their university diplomas? However most interviewers and hiring managers ignore both credentials as well as certifications, and now want to know, “What can you do for us?”

However, further research pointed out that the people who complete online courses and use what they have learned are highly motivated self-learners that look for skills rather than theories. So, if you want to get his skill to use the new technologies at work, open a business, and get a better paying job? Taking an online course is definitely for you. We have collected a wide range of web development and design courses from Udemy and reviewed them for you.

Because in reality the web development world really does not care about what university you attended or courses you take.

What counts is the skills and experience you possess, which is worth ten times more than any diploma/certificate out there. So, here is a good idea that you should consider. Take an online course, gain experience by doing your projects by yourself, and instead of showing pieces of paper, show your results instead.

Does it impress employers?

Even though employers are not impressed with diplomas and certifications, they do appreciate self-learners with experience. It indicates that the person is adaptive and can adapt to the times and acquire new skill sets and further their capabilities in the ever-changing technological landscape that is the Internet today.