Proactive website Maintenance

Included in
every website maintenance plan

Expert support

Providing guidance and assistance whenever needed for seamless website operation.

Bug fixing

Prompt identification and resolution of any technical issues, ensuring a smooth and error-free experience.

Plugins updates

Continuous updates to plugins, keeping your website’s features current and functioning optimally.

Daily off-server backups

Regular daily backups stored off-server, ensuring data safety and quick recovery if needed.

Security and monitoring

Constant monitoring and robust security measures for early detection of potential threats.

Plugins licanse renewals

Renewal of premium plugins, maintaining the site's enhanced functionality and features.


Introduction and Needs Assessment

This initial stage involves getting to know your specific needs, goals, and expectations. We discuss the current state of your website, your target audience, and any particular challenges, ensuring that we fully understand what you're looking for in the website maintenance service.

Technical website audit

Before starting the website maintenance service, we conduct a comprehensive technical audit to pinpoint essential fixes. Our mandatory focus is on bug fixes, removing unnecessary components, organizing analytics and addressing security issues to ensure that your website is lean and flawlessly functional. While performance and design improvements are not required, we may suggest them as additional enhancements tailored to your site's needs.

Website maintenance service starts

With a clear understanding of your needs and all technical issues resolved, we initiate the website maintenance service. This includes implementing the features like daily backups, plugin updates, bug fixing, security monitoring, and more, providing ongoing support to keep your website running smoothly and efficiently.

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Website types we maintain

We do website maintenance for WordPress websites across various industries. From private businesses and startups to e-commerce and educational portals, our team tailors solutions for your specific WordPress needs.

How much do website maintenance cost?

Curious about website maintenance cost? Starting at just $120, our basic plans are budget-friendly. Add power-ups like extended support or a private server. Pre-made bundles also available at a discount. Check out our website maintenance cost page to get a clear idea of what you’ll pay for our website umaintenance services.

From: 120$ / month

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