Refer a Friend, Make Them Happy Too

how it works?

Spread the Word

Know someone who could benefit from our services? please introduce them to what we offer and make the connection between us.

We Connect

Once you've made the introduction, we'll take the lead and have a chat with your referred friend, ensuring they understand our offerings and how we can cater to their needs.

Earn Your Reward

Once your friend becomes a valued customer and completes their first payment,To show our gratitude for helping us grow, we'll delegate a sum to you.

reward model

what do you prefer, cash or service credits?
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get 5%-15% of your friends spending in one year
choose from these options based on your frinds first-year total spending. For example, If they spend $10,000:
  1. Cash – 5% of their spend ($500 for example).
  2. Credit for current services –  10% of their spend ($1,000 for example).
  3. Credit for new services – 15% of their spend ($1,500 for example).
Project rewards are paid when your friend’s payments are confirmed. Maintenance rewards are paid at the end of the year or monthly.
who can reffer? only our Circle of Trust

We value authentic connections over broad affiliate programs. That’s why our referrals only come from people we personally know such as customes, family and friends. This ensures each referral is not just a lead, but a potential member of our community. If you’re in our circle, you’re already part of our referral program.

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