website maintenance cost

Mandatory basic maintenance is at the core of our pricing. Add optional power-ups or select discounted bundles to manage your website maintenance cost effectively.
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Basic website Maintenance Cost features:

Basic maintenance

website maintenance cost includes: backups, updates, security, bug fixing, uptime monitoring, DB cleanup, hosting, support, plugins renewals and more. 109$ / month


  • Extended support 60$ / mo
  • E-commerce support 60$ / mo
  • Private Cloud Server 90$ / mo
  • Backups - 2, 4 or 24 / day 20$, 30$, 60$ / mo

Get more for less with our bundles. They combine basic maintenance and selected power-ups at a special website maintenance cost.

Mission critical

279$ 259$ / month

E-commerce 360

339$ 319$ / month

Need a custom

We can create a custom package that is tailored specifically to your requirements, ensuring you get the most value for your website maintenance cost.


We begin with a conversation to understand your needs and offer our personal inputs. We discuss project scope, expectations, costs, payment options, timeline and upon agreement, we kick off.

Whats included in website maintenance cost?

Below, you’ll find detailed explanations of all our features.

  • Backups and restores (1/day)

    We offer 90-day daily off server backups on AWS servers (Amazon) which is useful for server disaster recovery and historical data retrieval.

  • Plugins / theme / core updates

    It’s done manually by WordPress experts once a week on the live website.

  • Plugin related bug fixing

    Fix software bugs that occur after updates, ensuring that any problems introduced during the update are resolved.

  • Security monitoring

    Perform daily scans for malware, hacks, blacklisting, and vulnerabilities, and receive alerts if any issues are found.

  • Uptime monitoring + fix

    We ping the website every 5 minutes, receive alerts if it goes down, and fix it immediately 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Database cleanup

    We remove unnecessary data such as post revisions, spam comments, transient options, and other unused database entries, resulting in a leaner and more efficient database.

  • Premium plugins license renewal* (Save 1,330$ a year)

    Include Elementor Pro Plugin + WP Rocket Plugin + Crocoblock / Jet Plugins + Object Cache Pro Plugin + Elementor extra

  • Shared hosting

    We offer complimentary hosting on robust servers for smaller websites with limited traffic. This includes performance enhancements, DDoS protection, SSL encryption to ensure your website’s safety and efficiency. We track your website’s growth and alert you when additional resources are required to ensure seamless performance.

  • Design and development at 100$ an hour

    Enjoy better rates with our maintenance plan: Design and development services at just $100/hr, compared to the standard $130/hr for non-maintenance clients.

  • Contacting 3rd party services

    We reach out to support of third-party plugins, themes, or hosting for assistance in resolving issues related to them.

  • Standard support scope

    Our support is available from Sunday to Thursday, 10:00-16:00 (GMT+3 – Israel time). You can reach us through chat and ticketing systems and will get a reply ASAP.

  • CDN – Cloudflare®

    You get a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) that caches your website content closer to visitors. You also get DNS services for faster domain resolution. Basic Firewall and DDoS protection are included to secure your site against common threats.

  • Broken links monitoring

    We monitor for any broken links on your site and send you our findings in the monthly report. Fixing broken links is on a per-hour basis.

  • Maintenance and analytics app

    As part of our maintenance service, you’ll have access to our maintenance application. In the app, you can see open tasks, invoices, and payment details. Additionally, the app includes a straightforward analytics screen without unnecessary data. This screen includes key performance indicators such as the number of visitors, the number of conversions, data on website traffic, and the site’s status in terms of organic promotion. You can also see your site’s loading speed score and key search term rankings on Google. All of this is presented in a single, consolidated screen that organizes the information for you in a clear and simple manner.
    – You can request a personalized analytics screen for an additional cost.
    – To get the analytics screen up and running, initial settings will need to be configured for an additional cost.

  • Owner related bug fixing

    Addressing and rectifying any glitches or issues directly linked to actions by the website owner or their team, ensuring the site runs seamlessly.

  • Support for your team

    We’re here to assist your team, whether they’re designers, PPC experts, or content managers. For efficient communication

  • Emergency support

    In the event of unforeseen issues, even during weekends, holidays, or late at night, we provide an immediate response and support to ensure your website remains functional and problem-free.

  • Support and tasks priority

    Your support requests and tasks are prioritized, ensuring faster response times and quicker resolutions.

  • Video chat & Anydesk support

    We offer direct video chat support and remote desktop assistance via Anydesk, giving you hands-on help when needed.

  • Customer related bug fixing

    Should any of your customers report an issue, such as an inability to make a purchase, we jump into action. We prioritize your customers’ experience and will swiftly rectify any bugs or issues they face on your site upon notification.

  • Checkout + cart bug fixing

    Smooth transactions are crucial for e-commerce success. We ensure that the checkout and cart processes on your site function flawlessly, resolving any hiccups immediately.

  • Orders & products bug fixing

    From product listings to order placements, we monitor and fix any bugs that can impact the core e-commerce functionalities, ensuring seamless operations for both you and your customers.

  • Gateway & invoice bug fixing

    Payments and invoicing are critical touchpoints. We address and correct any glitches with your payment gateways and invoicing systems, ensuring secure and smooth financial transactions.

  • Complete sales process support

    From the moment a customer lands on your site to the final sales confirmation, we’ve got you covered. We offer comprehensive support throughout the sales process, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

  • 15+ Data Center Locations

    Choose from our 15+ global data centers, ensuring fast and reliable service wherever your customers are.

  • 2vCPU + 4GB RAM

    This server configuration is primed to handle 130K-300K pageviews per month. It can comfortably support 80-85 concurrent users, ensuring smooth and responsive user experiences during high-traffic periods.

  • 128GB NVMe SSD + 3TB Transfer

    Your website is powered by the next generation of storage technology, significantly outperforming traditional SSDs. This ensures lightning-fast data access and smooth site operations. Coupled with a generous 3TB data transfer capacity, your website is well-equipped to handle extensive traffic and data interactions seamlessly.

  • Isolated enviroment

    Enjoy peace of mind knowing your website operates within a secure and isolated environment, minimizing risks and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

  • Dedicated IP

    Enhance your site’s security and reputation with a dedicated IP address, ensuring your website’s traffic is always distinct and not shared with other websites.

Safeguard your website’s data with our tailored backup solution. Depending on your preference, opt for 2, 4, or even 24 backups daily, ensuring you always have access to the most recent data snapshots. Every month, we’ll provide a comprehensive report detailing the number of available backups. Plus, with a retention period of 90 days, you can easily access and restore from any backup within the last three months. Choose our Backup Addon for peace of mind and full control over your website’s data.