Programming languages for beginners

There is a great deal of debate among web developers when the issue of programming languages that beginners should learn is broached. The discussion often gets heated, as there is a difference of opinion between the different kinds of programming languages designed for the web and which ones should be learned first. However, in our view, each one of them gives the developer different abilities. So when a newbie is asking what language you should learn as their first. They should first ask themselves, what abilities does he/she want to have and what type of code will they be writing. People want to learn how to create websites; they actually do not know what gives a website properties and features. Therefore, we will try to simplify it for you today.
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Essentially, you can divide the various programming languages that you need to know into two different classes the Front End and the Back End.

Front end


HTML is a markup language (not programming one), and its basic functionality is to determine what kind of elements are in a given web page. Next, you can use CSS to determine how the elements will look like. Generally speaking, both languages working together give it web page its appearance and functionality.

Learning both of these languages is mandatory for web developers as well as most web designers.

If you have no prior experience with coding, these are also two very easy languages to start with. Even if you are not going to be learning anything about programming web pages at the low-level when you write with these languages. It is still necessary to understand it if you are going to use the higher-level languages like PHP or JavaScript.

Even the web developers were planning on using WordPress where you don’t really have to know anything about programming at all it’s a good idea to know them anyway as it will give you helpful tools to extend your WordPress environment or in order to use higher-level languages like PHP and JavaScript. You’ll be able to create your own web pages without having to learn any of the higher-level languages.

Your Dream Website Awaits!


This is the only programming language that works on the front end. When the server sends HTML pages to the user’s computer, it also sends JavaScript code in some cases. The user will enjoy a better experience due to the extra functionality that you get thanks to the JavaScript code sitting on your computer. Therefore this language is necessary for every front end developer and it’s a recommended language to start learning to program with for web development as well as app creation. This should be the follow-on language after you have learned HTML and CSS.

JavaScript also integrates well with such technologies is AJAX and node.JS. The last one is a platform that uses JavaScript at the server level. After you have finished learning the basics, you should next move on to learning how one of JavaScript’s libraries/frameworks operates. This will further enhance your programming and simplify generating a lot of code without having to write it yourself from scratch.

Back end


Makes up 40% of today’s websites built you see out there in the Cloud today. So, with a language that dominates the web as it is packed with powerful functions and features it makes it the perfect Back End builder. While it is not perfect as it generates HTML pages, which you need to learn first. The other drawback is PHP can only be run on a server. That means in order to see the results of your test programs you need to be able to run in a server environment. Fortunately, they are available such as Xampp, which you can download for free and if you want to learn more about installing and working with it click here.


short for Structured Query Language, SQL is the most common language used by high-tech workers and developers to extract and update data both to and from databases. It is considered a declarative language more than a procedural one. (Like PHP) Still, it has some procedural features built-in.If you wish to develop dynamic websites that relies on databases, learning SQL is a must. SQL is not a hard language to learn and a lot of courses out there teach it. Statisticians and data analysts also use it together along with other languages such as Python and R. perhaps it’s not the best language to start with, but it defiantly recommended to learn it at some point.


This is one of the more popular general-purpose languages and is used by many websites. It powers the back end of many of the largest websites out there. It is also precise enough be used to test the microchips used in video game consoles. One of the other great things about this language is it has a large user community that continually shares information amongst themselves. In this way, the language keeps evolving and the expertise is shared among pros and newbies alike. It is considered one of the easiest languages to learn because it is very much like English and its syntax. That’s why we highly recommend that back and developers cut their teeth with Python if they want to learn the ins and outs of how to make a website run properly.


A wonderful back end language that is very popular among developers who use Ruby and Rails for its full stack framework. Many times developer’s code with PHP or other languages decides to learn Ruby as well. When using this language to develop web apps this is highly recommended. Ruby is also known for its simplicity as well as some other great features such as you don’t have to repeat code that you’ve written already. While some people advocate that, this is a good language to start with.

We, however, believe that there are other languages, which are even easier to learn with a simpler syntax.

So what programming language a beginner should start with?

We at this website recommend that you learn HTML and CSS first. Then focus on front end development with JavaScript. Then if you wish to learn about developing for the back end environment, start out with PHP and then branch to SQL. If you don’t have any background in programming at all and you still want to program, then Python is the language you want to start with. Later if you want to expand your horizons, choose to work on the back end and develop web apps with Ruby.

Note- These are only a few of the many languages out there that can be used to create a backend for your website. Some of the others like C, C++, Java,, and Perl. But, if you look at the web developer market today, the 4 languages we’ve already discussed are the most common ones and newbies are getting their feet wet with web programming usually prefer to start by learning them first and then branching out to the more difficult ones. For example, it is best to use the ones we recommended before you get into smartphone/web apps using Apple’s SWIFT development language for the iOS Operating System.

Final thoughts

In the last couple of years, there has been a surge in demand for what they call “Full Stack Developers.” This is a developer who can work equally well on the front end as well as the back. If you want to continue to being current. This is the wave of the future in the next couple of years. Remember the more you learn, the more you can do, the more you can earn, and the more versatile you’ll be.